In 1996, Mark and Pam owned Your Fitness Connection in Ada, OK.   We’d opened our fitness facility just 10 years earlier.  As with many business owners, we were overworked, over weight and stressed out.  Helping everyone else with their wellness, we neglected our own.   We were doing everything as right and well as we could under the circumstances, but things simply weren’t working out as we’d hoped.

Just a few years earlier, in 1993, Charles E. Ragus or Charlie as we learned to call him launched a new business enterprise called AdvoCare.  He wanted to form a company with world-class nutrition products that truly made a positive difference in people’s lives.  Something we desperately need, but as fitness professionals, we’d heard this story before.  In fact, we’d tried many supplements and we saw little or no results.  To say the least, we were skeptical, but desperate, so we started on AdvoCare products in January 1996.  Within 90 days we had dropped 50 pounds between us and felt better than we’d felt in years.  We were convinced!

Of course, when you “melt” away in front of everyone you know, they notice and they are curious.  Telling others about the products was just a natural part of our conversation.    So we joined Charlie and AdvoCare and that’s when Powerhouse Unlimited was born.  Because the products actually worked, we had a business on our hands.  This was a really good thing!  Not only were we struggling physically, but financially we were in a huge mess too.  Our fitness business was on the brink of bankruptcy, with $250K  in debt.  We felt sure that we were sunk.   Thanks to AdvoCare, we didn’t have to file bankruptcy, and 6 years later were debt free by using the “Debtbuster” system.    Now, no way that could have happened if the products didn’t work!

Charlie Ragus

Charlie Ragus, AdvoCare Founder

Charlie Ragus, AdvoCare Founder

During our 8 years with Charlie, we watched him sacrificially model how to work and live authentically. After much success, in June 2001, living larger than life, Charlie passed from this life. With his passing, his dreams and goals passed to the people of AdvoCare; men and women, whom he loved and mentored over the years.  Charlie’s dream of helping people “become more” hareality become our dream.

PowerHouse Unlimited has members in nearly every state in the union. We stand shoulder to shoulder with a team of difference makers assembled and commissioned to deliver hope, health and a future to a nation in desperate need.  PowerHouse Team is a place you can BECOME, BELIEVE AND BELONG. A place where ordinary people like you and me, can and do achieve the extraordinary.
So today, you may be dreaming of losing 5 pounds or 50 or more.  Or maybe, you just want to perform better or have more energy.  Perhaps, you’re working two jobs to make ends meet and finding yourself so busy “making a living” that you’ve not time or energy to “make a life”.    We mentor and influence people all across this great nation helping them to become more that they ever dreamed that could be.  Take hold of your own better future and commit with us to something bigger than all of us!  In accepting this challenge, we believe we will live larger than life, beyond our wildest imaginings.  Empowered to believe the unbelievable and to achieve the unachievable, we hope you’ll join us for a journey of a life-time.